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Are LED lights the best choice for machine vision applications?

Several illumination sources are available for machine vision applications. These include incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED lights. The selection of the right source depends on several factors, including the specific application, the spectral properties of the light, and the geometry of the light source. Incandescent lights Incandescent lights produce light …

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Give your robot the ability to feel

Finally 6-Axis Force-Torque Sensors that are affordable If you have an application requiring a human-like sense of feel, then a 6-Axis Force-Torque Sensor might be a good solution. These sensors are commonly mounted to the wrist of a robot arm, and they convert mechanical forces into electrical signals. They have …

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Let there be light!

Introducing a new line of machine vision lights We’ve added a new line of LED machine vision lights to complement our cameras and lenses. We offer 24 kinds of lights and over 600 variations of them, including: Ring lights Bar lights Coaxial lights Dome lights Back lights Spot lights Square …

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