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The Light186 Story

More than a decade ago, a unique US-Asian partnership emerged, focusing on enhancing image quality and camera technology. This collaboration led to the founding of Light186, a company committed to offering the finest automation, camera, and sensing products to the Americas. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a combination of global reach and local support.

Our Name

Light186 is named to signify two key aspects of our business. The term “Light” symbolizes the photonics products we offer, while “186” represents the speed of light (186,000 mi/s). This name echoes our belief in the rapid pace of technological advancement and innovation.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver the highest quality sensing, automation, and mechatronics products at the most competitive prices. We achieve this by sourcing our products from top-tier global manufacturers, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled value and performance.

Our Vision

To establish Light186 as a premier automation reseller across the Americas.


30 to 50% Lower Prices

Our cameras, sensors, and lights are often priced 30 to 50% less than other brands.

Global Shipping

We ship by air to the Americas, Europe, and the World.

Manufacturer Support

Our manufacturers engage with customers and are committed to your success.